Existing or New Premise-Based IPPBXs

You may own your own traditional analog PBX or IPPBX and want to subscribe to cost effective VOIP Trunking. Perhaps you think your business model would benefit from purchasing and managing your own IPPBX. Whatever the case, Secure Cloud Solutions can help you with any premise-based equipment scenario.

1. We start with a free assessment of your current infrastructure and equipment.
2. We provide you with a comprehensive quote.
3. We show you how to transform your communications and Move Your Business to the Cloud.

Pricing is simple:

Our basic IP Trunk Lines start at $39 per month, and that includes your local and long distance calling.

We handle the porting of your existing phone numbers to our service for a small fee, and/or assign you new numbers if required. After that, Secure Cloud Solutions becomes your VOIP Service Provider and we handle all your telecom billing and service.

IPPBX offering:

If you need new equipment, we offer a broad array of IPPBXs that support one to several thousand users. Whether your organization is centrally located or spread out across the world in multiple locations, Secure Cloud Solutions has the IPPBX that is right for your enterprise. Some of our trusted vendors are:

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