Secure Cloud Fax Options

Secure Cloud Solutions is proud to offer your company three powerful faxing options. Whether you want to receive faxes into your Hosted VOIP Unified Communications Portal, use your PC for your inbound/outbound fax, or convert your existing analog fax to an IP fax, we have the solution for you.

Unified Messaging Fax

$20 per month unlimited inbound

With UM-Fax, your fax messages are kept in a single unified repository with your voicemail. This provides a consistent view of inbox content and status no matter how messages are. Subscribers stay on top of new incoming fax messages with the aid of powerful notification options

You simply add your UM-Fax service to your existing Secure Cloud Solutions Hosted VOIP line, and you start receiving your faxes directly into your End User Comm Portal. When you receive a fax you are notified by email or voicemail.

For each UM-Fax you add to your Hosted VOIP group, you pay only $20 per month. That includes a new local phone number and unlimited incoming faxes! You can also use your existing number for a one time $10 porting charge. This service is for inbound faxing only. You must have another outbound fax method with this service.

Cloud Fax

$20 per month unlimited inbound, plus $.06 per minute outbound domestic

With Cloud Fax, you have the power receive a fax anywhere in the world. You also have the power to fax any printable document from and PC to any other fax. Just like your Hosted VOIP phone system, your Cloud Fax goes with you wherever you go. Check out the user tutorial under our Support Page!

Email-to Fax - Send faxes from Email Account. Real-Time Reporting and Web-Based Fax Management. No need for fax machines, fax lines, fax suppliers, or wasted paper.
PC-to-Fax - Users can print to any fax machine from their PC. Open the document to be faxed, go to File/Print, and select Internet Fax as the printer - The fax is then sent out to the intended fax machine.
Web-to-Fax - Use Cloud Fax to send faxes - even when away from your PC or email account! Registered users can login to Cloud Fax remotely and begin sending faxes from anywhere in the world.

Additionally, Cloud Fax users enjoy many key benefits including:

Analog to IPFax

$39 per month unlimited inbound and outbound

We can convert your existing analog fax to an IPFax. This way you can keep the setup you’re used to and leverage the power of VOIP.

Keep your existing fax number for a one-time $10 porting charge or we’ll supply you with a new number for free.

You must purchase a small hardware device called an ATA, which stands for Analog Telephone Adapter. You simply plug your existing fax line into this small box and plug the box into your network. With a quick configuration you’re up and running. It’s that simple.

The Cisco/Linksys ATA sells for $79